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3 Reasons Why Windscreen Replacement is Crucial

3 Reasons Why Windscreen Replacement is Crucial

The windshield is a specially treated plastic glass that securely attaches to the front of your car window. Their main job is to protect you from strong winds, dust, or fog on the road. Plus, they are vital in keeping your eyes clear, especially in places like Gwandalan and Sydney, where temperatures can drop as low as 9 degrees Celsius in the summer. As high as 19 degrees Celsius in summer, challenges such as fog and dust can hamper your driving experience. Your windshield is a valuable asset for every car owner. They also protect your windows from damage from animals, birds, or tree branches.

Why is Windscreen Repair Necessary?

Windscreen repair involves a straightforward process of cleansing the damaged area and infusing it with resin. After a short curing period, the resin fuses seamlessly with the surrounding windscreen, restoring it to its former glory. Depending on the extent of the damage, this procedure typically takes anywhere from half an hour to an hour. It’s worth noting that repairing the windscreen is a cost-effective alternative to complete replacement, making it the preferred choice for minor damages.

Understanding Windscreen Replacement:

Windscreen replacement is a more intricate process that removes components such as wipers, trim, scuttle, and mirrors. Using a wire, the technician carefully removes the adhesive bond securing the windscreen to the vehicle. Suction cups are then used to extract the damaged windscreen. Afterwards, the technician cleans the area and applies adhesives to fit the new windscreen securely. After a brief curing period, the removed wipers, fuss, and mirrors are restored to their original positions.

Top Reasons for Car Windscreen Replacement:

Here are three compelling reasons to consider windscreen replacement:

Does Windscreen Replacement Fall under Insurance Coverage?

Many insurance companies provide coverage for windscreen repair and replacement. However, before proceeding with windscreen replacement, contacting your insurance provider to confirm whether your policy covers this service is advisable. Generally, there is either no excess fee for windscreen replacement through insurance or minimal additional cost. If the expense is manageable, covering it out of pocket is often more convenient to avoid affecting your no-claim discount. Remember that windscreen replacement may involve some paperwork and a waiting period for reimbursement to your account.